Review: Sylvia Britton’s Thanksgiving Planner

Holiday celebrations can be filled with family, food, fun, fellowship…and frenzy. Do you want to make your holiday celebrations without the stress? Sylvia Britton walks us through creating an atmosphere of joy without anxiety in celebrating Thanksgiving with her Thanksgiving Planner. Sylvia’s Thanksgiving Planner starts off with an essential topic; a brief history of Thanksgiving […]

Canned Caramelized Onions (Dairy-Free)

If you are a fan of softened, sweet caramelized onions that perfectly accompany meats, potatoes and add the perfect topping to thick soups, stay tuned! You can make these delectable sweet onions easily at home using your slow cooker AND, you can make up batches of this yummy stuff to have year round or to give as gifts […]

Sweet Potato Muffins

I’m sharing my yummy, 100% whole grain sweet potato muffins at Baking Whole Grains with lots of pictures! Come and see!

Review: Whole Wheat Bread Making

Whole Wheat Bread Making Book Review by Vickilynn Haycraft   “Whole Wheat Bread Making” by Donna Miller of Miller’s Grain House is a delight to read. I have had the pleasure of hearing Donna Miller teach her whole wheat bread making class in person and I was drawn in by her warm, inviting and adept […]

What’s in your kitchen today?

I have been challenged recently by this thought “Work with what you have.” It is a daily challenge to make the best use of what we have been given. In addition to work with what we have, the challenge is also to be content with what we have been given and not always seeking something […]